National Natural Resource Management Bodies

Natural Resource Management (NRM) is the integrated management of the natural resources that make up Australia’s natural landscapes, such as land, water, soil, coast, plants and animals. That is, our land, water and biodiversity assets.

NRM Regions Australia is the representative group of the National NRM Chairs’ Forum.

Australia has 56 regional Natural Resource Management (NRM) organisations that cover all of Australia. They are a mix of government agencies and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) that get national priorities for natural resource management delivered on the ground.

You can find more information about the regional NRMs and links to their websites on the What is NRM? page of the NRM Regions Australia website.

The Department  of Environment, Land, Water and Planning Victoria

The Department  of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) creates liveable, inclusive and sustainable communities. Part of the role of DELWP is to manage Victoria’s groundwater, catchments and waterways, infrastructure, water saving and re-use projects, flood management, governance and water legislation, in partnership with a network of government agencies and water authorities.