West Gippsland

Social Benefits of Landcare

“Without funding the group would have continued to limp along without any enthusiasm.” Merriman Creek Landcare Group member

Output 2017/18

1 report
2 meetings – 20 participants

Delivery Partners

Victorian Landcare Program
Merriman Creek Landcare Group
Yarram Yarram Landcare Network

About the Project

A Social Return on Investment (SROI) study, conducted by West Gippsland CMA, showed that for every one dollar granted to the group there is at least $3.41 return in social value.

When the project was completed, Merriman Creek Landcare Group members were asked about the social changes experienced as part of the project. These changes included:

• making a positive impact to the community
• feeling more connected to neighbours
• improved NRM skills and knowledge
• improved emotional wellbeing

Members of the Merriman Creek Landcare Group. West Gippsland CMA.

More information

Read more about this project in the Victorian CMAs Actions and Achievements Report 2017/2018 (PDF)

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