The Tyrrell Project – Ancient Landscapes, New Connections

“The Tyrrell Project is protecting a fragile natural landscape through targeted on-ground  works, but it is also building community pride and that is an important, shared investment in the future.”   Sharyon Peart, Mallee CMA Chair

Output 2017/18

management agreements, 40
partnerships, 622 participants
at engagement events, 2,683ha
weed control (Weeds of National
Significance), 22ha revegetated
(enhanced linkages), 3km stock
exclusion fencing (to protect riparian
vegetation), 3,101ha pest animal control,
1 visitor facility, 6 terrestrial features,
16 publications

Delivery Partners

DELWP, Parks Victoria, Buloke Shire Council, Barengi Gadjin Land Council, Private land managers, Landcare Groups, Community Groups, Commitees of Management, Traditional Owners and Organisations

About the Project

The Tyrrell Project is a community-driven landscape-scale project that celebrates the unique social, cultural and environmental values of an iconic landscape by developing strong working partnerships to deliver integrated and lasting outcomes.

The goal is to assist the community to increase tourism benefits and to manage and protect the priority assets of Lake Tyrrell, its creeks and wetlands. Three community-based reference groups
(CRGs) have been established by Mallee CMA (Creeks CRG, Wetlands CRG and Lake Tyrrell Project Control Group) and strong collaboration is ensuring the project is community-driven; prioritises local
assets and on-ground works; and achieves social, economic and environmental outcomes in line with community goals and aspirations.

Birchip school students helped plant more than 300 native tubestock adjacent to a new walking trail installed as part of the Tyrrell Project. Mallee CMA.


More information

Read more about this project in the Victorian CMAs Actions and Achievements Report 2017/2018 (PDF)

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