East Gippsland

Wetlands of the Red Gum Plains

“By people working together, our wetlands on the Red Gum Plains will be enjoyed for many generations to come.”  Dr Peter Venkeer, East Gippsland CMA Chair

Output 2017/18

4 troughs and 4km fencing
15ha vegetation
20ha woody weed control
5ha pest animal control
1km earth works
4 management agreements
9 assessments
93 engagement event participants
12 partnerships
2 publications

Delivery Partners

Turtles Australia
Sydney University
Field Naturalists
Traditional Owners
Local field naturalists and schools

About the Project

This three year initiative has involved 12 partner groups restoring wetlands on Gippsland’s Red Gum Plains.

GA developed targeted partnerships with landholders and commenced revegetation, weed, pest animal and erosion control.

The project has included a strong cultural and community element.

Together, the partnering agencies, landholders, students and the broader community are not only gaining a greater appreciation, but are an active part of the solution to manage the wetlands of the Red Gum Plains where they live. Working together, wetlands on the Red Gum Plains can be enjoyed for many generations to come.

A GLaWAC crew member and student plant the nationally endangered Swamp Everlasting. Marty Potts, Greening Australia.

More information

Read more about this project in the Victorian CMAs Actions and Achievements Report 2017/2018 (PDF)

To find out more about East Gippsland CMA , visit their website.