Strategic Frameworks

Our Vision

Healthy, sustainable and productive land, water and biodiversity maintained through integrated catchment management that is strongly community based, regionally focused and collaborative.

Our Goals

The following goals and actions will address the current challenges in our catchment management framework.

Goal 1: Effective community engagement in catchment management

Our Promise to Our Communities and Partners: Community Engagement and Partnership Framework and Toolkit (PDF)
Victorian CMAs have a long and successful history of collaborating with their local communities and establishing productive partnerships for integrated catchment management outcomes. This Framework builds on this strong foundation and encourages ongoing commitment, resourcing, skill development and continuous improvement to this practice across the State.

Victorian CMAs acknowledge and respect Traditional Owners and Aboriginal communities and organisations. We recognise the diversity of their cultures and the deep connections they have with Victoria’s lands and waters. We value partnerships with them for the health of people and country.  CMAs seek to fulfil particular roles and responsibilities in enabling effective Aboriginal participation in natural resource management by following the Guidelines outlined in the CMA Aboriginal Participation Guidelines:

CMA Aboriginal Participation Guidelines (PDF)

Goal 2: Better connections between state, regional and local planning

Goal 3: Strengthened implementation of Regional Catchment Strategies

Goal 4: Clearer roles, strengthened accountability and coordination

Goal 5: Improved monitoring, evaluation and reporting