Healthy, sustainable and productive land, water and biodiversity is achieved through integrated catchment management that is strongly community based, regionally focused and collaborative.

Victoria’s environment is one of our greatest assets. It underpins our economy and provides social and recreational values that benefit our communities. Maintaining the health of our catchments is essential to sustain our environment and our liveability into the future.

Bridgewater Lakes System near Portland

Bridgewater Lakes System near Portland

Victorian Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs) are at the frontline of natural resource management, side-by-side with regional communities. CMAs collaborate with people to develop knowledge of landscape, biodiversity and waterway management. Knowledge, discovery and partnerships turn into actions and achievements that create a shared, healthy environmental future for all.

CMAs convert revenue into action, spending more than 80% of their revenue on direct service delivery. Leveraging other funding and in-kind donations so each $1 of Victorian government funding is complemented by almost $3 of additional support.

CMAs are impacting our regional communities – delivering the rivers and landscapes that we love and use. The achievements, now spanning twenty years, have made a clear difference to Victoria’s liveability and to our land, water and biodiversity.

In this section you will find a case study for each CMA which highlights 1 of their many recent achievements. For more information about the work each CMA is doing, please visit their individual websites.

For a detailed report of Victorian CMAs achievements read the CMA Actions and Achievements Report 2020/2021 (PDF)